Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Firm Foundation

I'll admit it, I never really understand what Josh and the guys were talking about when discussing digging a footer and pouring a foundation. I completely understand now! In fact, I'm pretty sure I could write a how-to book on the subject.

From The Land

Digging the footer

From The Foundation

The foundation ends up looking like a maze. Rebar is laid throughout the foundation before the concrete is poured.

From The Foundation

This is the foundation for the safe room, which is also one of the closets in the master bedroom.

From The Foundation

This is what the foundation looked like the day before they started the framing. Josh and I shoveled and raked dirt, pulling out rocks and roots so that our builders would have a nice foundation to walk around on and the people who have to work underneath (plumbers, electricians and cable guys) would have a smooth floor to crawl around on.

A huge thanks to Powe Contracting and all of the hardworking guys who came over in 90+ degree weather, after already working a full day, to work on our foundation. According to Uncle Joe, Randy Powe, and Mike Williamson, it's a REALLY good foundation.

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